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Labor management and labor disputes are one of the firm’s specialties, and the firm provides a wide range of consultations on labor management and labor cases, mainly on the corporate side.


With regard to labor management, first of all, from a preventive legal perspective, the company provides a variety of labor consultations, including the prior development of employment rules and wage regulations to avoid labor disputes, checks of employment contracts and other documents, advice on working hour management, and furthermore, the implementation of compliance training, harassment training, and other training programs at the company. We also handle post-employment issues such as employee embezzlement cases and disciplinary actions.


In addition to typical labor disputes, such as disputes related to termination of employment or invalidity of dismissal, we provide support from the initial stage of handling overtime claims and workers’ compensation cases, since initial response to avoid public announcement or administrative action is also important when the Labor Standards Inspection Office is involved. After a dispute arises, we provide consultation not only on litigation, but also on labor tribunal and mediation procedures, as well as on collective bargaining and other union-related matters.

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