Criminal Case

Job description

In cases where a relative or friend has been arrested, we provide legal services during the investigation (pre-prosecution stage) or trial (post-prosecution stage). During the investigation stage, we will develop a defense strategy to seek an early release from custody, a reduction of the sentence, or a stay of indictment or non-prosecution. In the event of prosecution and trial, we will make every possible effort to release the accused from custody on bail, acquit the accused, or reduce the sentence to probation or commutation.


We also provide a wide range of consultation services for professionals, including consultation on misconduct within a company, and consultation on violations of the Medical Practitioners Act, the Veterinary Medical Act, and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act (Pharmaceutical Affairs Act). It is essential, especially for doctors and veterinarians, to take necessary and sufficient measures in criminal cases, with an eye to the Medical Council and others. In addition, for public officials, appropriate police and media response is essential to avoid serious disciplinary action.


We provide consultation on a wide range of juvenile delinquency, violation, and minor offenses as well as adult cases, and we will work to resolve cases as quickly as possible by assuming the role of an attendant, if necessary. In juvenile cases, close cooperation with victims, schools, other related facilities, and family court investigators, as well as the improvement of the rehabilitation environment, are especially important, and we will pay special attention to this point and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for the rehabilitation of the juvenile. 


We will consult with you on the cost of criminal and juvenile cases on a case-by-case basis. We also try to respond as quickly as possible depending on the case. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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