Corporate Legal Affairs

Job description

We specialize in corporate law, and provide advice on all procedures under corporate law, from small and medium-sized companies to listed companies, and from the establishment to the operation of a company.


We also provide start-up support for new companies. With respect to corporate management, we also handle corporate governance matters, including the development of internal regulations such as the executive officer system and the formulation of board of directors rules, guidance for shareholders’ meetings, conflict prevention, and crisis management. Furthermore, with regard to corporate business development, we also handle strategic corporate legal matters, including mergers and acquisitions, such as stock transfers, business transfers, and corporate divestitures.


In a company, disputes over management rights may arise within the company, and we often handle corporate defense and share purchase claims on the company side. On the shareholder side, we also handle procedures to stop illegal activities and invalidation confirmation procedures, as well as procedures to request the purchase of shares.


We also provide consultation in a wide range of other specialized areas of law surrounding companies, such as the Antitrust Law, Subcontract Law, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, and Personal Information Protection Law, as well as areas related to business transactions, such as franchise agreements, system development agreements, joint research and development agreements, and ongoing commercial transactions.

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