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We believe that local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the maintenance and development of local cities, and we are particularly committed to the field of business succession, with a desire to provide long-lasting support to SMEs, especially in local companies, which give great vitality to the local community and local economy.


In recent years, business succession has become more active as business owners are getting old, and we provide support for either the successor or the predecessor’s side of the business. On the successor side, we provide legal support for business succession to relatives, employees, or third parties to ensure that the current management’s wishes are carried on and that a progressive business succession is realized. We also provide legal services to ensure the interests and position of company representatives after business succession and smooth transfers by providing advice from the stage of advance preparation for business succession, using the Companies Act and other means to liquidate shares and achieve an appropriate share price.


We often consult with clients on the successor’s side. We provide total support from the consideration stage of transfer schemes to legal due diligence, negotiation of terms and conditions, and conclusion of transfer agreements. In business succession, there are often requests for tax and stock price measures. In such cases, we also provide one-stop services in collaboration with certified public accountants, accountants, and judicial scriveners, depending on the case.

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