Business Revitalization / Bankruptcy

Job description

We have particular experience in business revitalization and bankruptcy cases. For companies with insolvency or cash-flow problems, we can assist in private liquidation through negotiations with creditors, corporate restructuring through demerger, business transfer, and other methods, as well as business revitalization through legal procedures such as specified mediation, business revitalization ADRs, and civil rehabilitation.


We also handle a wide range of petitioning services for bankruptcy proceedings. Since we also do a lot of receivership work, we use our knowledge and experience to coordinate with various stakeholders, including employees, creditors, and business partners, to ensure a legally appropriate bankruptcy resolution. We also actively advise company representatives on how to protect their position and assets through the use of management guarantee guidelines and specific mediation. In addition, we provide support and assistance in closing and winding down businesses. When closing a business, in addition to ordinary liquidation procedures, we provide support for special liquidation procedures, the transfer of part of the profitable business, and the liquidation of receivables and payables to ensure that the business closing procedures proceed smoothly and in accordance with the company’s intentions.

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