Hisaki Obata


Belonging to:Hyogo Bar Association

Main fields of business

Corporate legal affairs, bankruptcy cases, labor cases (employer side), system development disputes, personal information, trademarks, inheritance, traffic accidents, divorce


I was born and raised in Himeji, but after becoming a lawyer, I worked at a law firm in Tokyo for about five years. During my time in Tokyo, the firm focused on corporate legal affairs, and I was able to experience legal issues in a wide range of industries, including real estate, construction, transportation, hospitals, schools, temporary staffing, travel agencies, and restaurants. In particular, perhaps due to the location of the office in Shibuya, we were often consulted by IT companies and venture companies regarding contracts and business scheme structuring.

Since returning to Himeji in October 2020, I have found it rewarding to be able to work as a lawyer in my hometown. My speech has completely returned to the Kansai dialect, and I am committed to being a lawyer who is easy to consult with so that I can continue to be of assistance to everyone in the community.

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Please feel free to contact us.
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