Hiroshi Hanafusa


Belonging to:Hyogo Bar Association

Main fields of business

Corporate legal affairs, labor management and labor cases, M&A and business succession, bankruptcy and business revitalization, preventive legal affairs, disputes related to corporate management
Inheritance, traffic accidents, divorce cases, real estate, medical corporations, social welfare corporations


After registering as an attorney, I worked at a major law firm, where I mainly handled corporate legal matters, M&A, labor cases, and insolvency and business restructuring matters. Since becoming independent, I have handled a wide range of other legal matters in addition to corporate matters, including inheritance, traffic accidents, and divorce issues, and have also increased my work as a board member of a stock company, a medical corporation, and a social welfare corporation. Recently, I have been expanding my practice area by researching and writing articles in the field of preventive legal affairs, with a focus on labor and corporate law. I will continue to value communication with my clients and work diligently on every case to realize the best interests of my clients, thereby contributing to the happiness of people and businesses, and ultimately to the development of the social economy.


Mar. 2007

Graduated from Department of Law, Kyoto University

Mar. 2009

Completed Kyoto University Law School

Sep. 2009

Passed the new bar examination

Dec. 2010

Completion of Legal Training (new 63rd term)/Registered as an attorney (Osaka Bar Association)/ Joined Yodoyabashi &Yamagami Legal Professional Corporation

From Jan. 2011

Member of National Bankruptcy Processing Network

Dec. 2015

Established Harima Chuo Law office(Huogo Bar Association)

From Apr. 2016

Worked as a Part-time Lecturer, Kyoto University Law School(retired in Mar.2022)

From Feb. 2020

Appointed Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Shirobara Dry Co., Ltd

From Jun. 2020

Appointed Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Small and medium sized Enterprises Holdings,Inc.

Nov. 2021

Established Lexceed Legal Professional Corporation (Representative Partner)

From Apr. 2022

Evaluation Committee Member of Kakogawa Municipal Hospital Organization

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