Tomohiro Atarashi


Belonging to:Hyogo Bar Association

Main fields of business

Corporate legal affairs (real estate, finance, personnel and labor affairs, M&A, etc.), traffic accidents, inheritance and business succession, medical corporations, social welfare corporations, family law cases


After passing the bar exam, I worked for five years at a major firm in Osaka. At my previous firm, I worked on a wide range of cases from listed companies and major financial institutions to small and medium-sized companies and individuals. In particular, I am proud to say that I have accumulated a great deal of experience in real estate-related matters (e.g., lawsuits for vacating real estate, partition of co-owned property, real estate sales contracts, etc.), financial law matters, and operations related to medical corporations and social welfare corporations.

I will continue to make use of the experience I have gained and the knowledge I have developed to become a trusted lawyer by responding accurately and promptly to the legal needs of our clients, and to become a familiar lawyer whom clients can feel free to consult.

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